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This is an incredibly fun and engaging process you can do during session 0 of your game to make a world that feels like it belongs to everyone at the table, not just the GM.


  • Create a world big enough for many many sessions of gameplay
  • Worldbuilding prompts
  • Blank hex map
  • Room for note-taking 
  • Compatible with any system


I have been doing these with groups for the last year or so and absolutely love the process. I usually only provide a few prompts to the players, then let the discussion and world flow from there. 

An important step is to find ways that the characters are connected to the world. This makes GMing waaaay easier as they essentially provide the story hooks for you.

These do not have to be works of art, rather, shared references where you store all the information about the world.

This little project was inspired by a worldbuilding session with Prismatic Wastelands and Yochai Gal's workshop on the subject on Wobblies and Wizards.


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This looks amazing! I can't wait to try it out.

I hope you enjoy it! We really like doing this at the table. Plus you get a cool map out of it!


Ooh, Evlyn Moreau art, I'm in!


She's so great! This image is from her Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/evlynmoreau