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Between mirages and starry night skies, the desert bears witness to visitors crossing from worlds out of time. Their extraplanar vessel seems magic and their appearance is utterly alien.

What motivates them? What complications do they face? What power do they have? Roll to find out!

What is The Visitor?

This zine contains tables to generate an intriguing extradimensional being and the relics it may carry. It includes a story hook generator to kick off the encounter. These beings and their histories could unlock entire new worlds for your players.

These are system agnostic tables that can work in sci-fi or fantasy settings.


  • Artwork by Perplexing Ruins
  • 8-page color zine
  • System agnostic
  • 10 random tables
  • Story hooks, locations, vessels, and species
  • 10 magic items with hiding places and traps


Jim Hall - Writing and layout

Perplexing Ruins - Artwork

Example usage

The following is an example prompt generated with this The Visitor.

You are drawn to the desert to overcome unnatural visions. Legend has it a cure can be found in the great round basin. You arrive there moments before a full eclipse. A small mouse flees through shimmering waves in the air.

A geometric converging pattern of light begins focusing on the center of the pillar. From it floats a quickly crackling sphere of lightning. It probs with each crackle of light, curious of its surroundings. It seeks to explore this land as a favor to another of its kind.



Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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